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I Don't Blog Here Anymore

May. 24th, 2005 | 02:24 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Love Psychedelico - Standing Bird

Yep. I don't. So please head over to somewhere else ;)


Jun. 21st, 2004 | 10:33 pm
mood: tired tired
music: forgotten.. by avril lavigne

I think I've failed to let folks know that I'm no longer blogging in lj =x however, I am still blogging at my domain so you can head over to my site instead. those of you who have added me, leave me in your lists please. even though I hardly comment, I still read your ljs every now and then ;)

peace out \m/

friends only

Apr. 2nd, 2004 | 10:58 am
mood: tired tired
music: come clean.. by hilary duff

and yeah. I'm gonna make this a friends only =/

but before you want to go add me as a friend or vice versa, I though I'd share something about myself first before adding a total stranger to your friends list. right?

I'm basically not a typical girl as you might say. I get along with guys better than girls since I was 15 for some reason I've still yet to find out. I love sports like basketball, soccer and badminton but you won't find me watching the world cup or nba. I just like playing. not watching others play =/ I also skateboard - not really well I may add. I'm at the really baby stages of break dancing at the moment and I love street/hip hop dance. besides all these, I also love web designing and coding html ;) sounds crazy but that's me :D (I just intensely dislike the lj codings. gets me all muddled up o.O)

I go through a different music phase every now and then. I admit at times, it was because of my current crush *blush* when my good pal introduced me to techno/dance anthems back in end 2000 I was hooked. so I was constantly getting dance albums and compilations. every now and then, radio music would come in like the latest hits but I still stuck with techno ;p in 2001, a friend got me into punk and emo and I love nfg, the used, goldfinger, good charlotte etc. around 2002 I liked a malay dude and he being into r&b and hip hop and all, I started to really get into that music (no, nothing happened between us if you're such a nose poker *scowls*)

lately in early 2004 my latest crush got me back into the emo/punk/rock scene but this time there's bands like yellowcard, the ataris, switchfoot, story of the year, hoobastank and brand new. so right now I'm just listening to a bit of everything. like at this point of time, I really like "worry about you" by ivy and "8th world wonder" by kimberly locke.

I have multi-personalities so depending on who I'm chilling with, I can be a bit (I stress, a bit) different in some way. call me a fake but I think I'm still in the journey of finding myself IYKWIM (if you know what I mean) =/

you're welcomed to add me. I don't bite :D

on a side note, I don't really blog here as often as some fanatics who can blog 3 times a day (no, it's not an insult to those fanatics. in fact, coming from me, it's a compliment ;p) so I blog here on a basis that suits my mood and the reason it's friends only coz I really don't want the risk of someone offline to stumble here and read anything that I might've ranted on about them. I guess you should understand being fellow lj-ers :)

on another side note (hey, a note has 2 sides right? ;p), I might (note: might) blog a tad more often at my domain so you're perfectly welcomed to go there too :)

p/s: those that have been in my list I might cut some people coz apparently, they've added me and out of the goodwill from the bottom of my heart, I've added them back but I have never seen any evidence of them being here (meaning, they have never ever commented that kinda crap) so I might delete them.